Cabaret Cash Solutions


We are becoming a cashless society, and many people depend on Credit Cards to make all purchases.

With adult night clubs being cash centric, a cash solution is a must. ATMs are an option, but they need to

be restocked, secure, and there is no guarantee that the money stays in your facility.

Cabaret Cash is a custom currency for your club. It can be used like cash, but is only valid at your

establishment. Customers can purchase individual bills or packets of Cabaret Cash, with or without

added fees. Once purchased, customers can use them for lap dances, for tipping, or to buy drinks,

however your club wishes to accept them.


Counterfeiters are constantly trying to pass their fake bills, and night clubs are a target because of the

dark atmosphere. According to a 2013 Reuters report, $20 and $100 bills are the most common

counterfeited bills.

“Man arrested after allegedly paying for lap dance with counterfeit bills” ~ Oil City News, 11/15/2017

“Man Tries to Pass Counterfeit Bills at Local Strip Club...” ~ Real News Real Fast, 11/13/2017

“Man Accused of Paying Stripper for Lap Dance with Fake $100 Bill” ~ Huffington Post, 5/21/2016

With Cabaret Cash, you can have customers exchange large denominations for Cabaret Cash at

registers where it is easier to spot fake bills.


Cash is dirty! Cash typically stays in circulation for 4-15 years, and the cotton/linen material of US

Currency makes it ideal for pathogens to linger for months. Various lab tests have found cocaine, EColi,

MRSA, yeast, and more on money. (

With Cabaret Cash, your cashier handles the dirty money, and your dancers don’t have to. You choose

when to retire your money, or you can flag it for single use only.

#4 - THEFT

Any business with cash on hand is at risk of theft, but with Cabaret Cash, the threat of theft goes down.

When out of circulation, Cabaret Cash has no value and will not validate. If someone takes $10,000

worth of unregistered Cabaret Cash and tries to use it, the Cabaret Cash Terminal will show that the bills

are unregistered, and therefore not valid.


Dancers and waitresses can eliminate the need to hold onto their cash tips and wages by surrendering

their bills at a terminal throughout the night. The terminal prints or emails a receipt, and the Cabaret

Cash can be deposited into a drop box. Once surrendered, the bills are flagged “out of circulation” and

can not be transacted again until they are put back into circulation, so they can’t accidentally be double



If your ATM runs out of cash, you are out of luck until it can be restocked.

With Cabaret Cash, you can order extra bills, keeping them unregistered until you are ready to use

them. With this approach, if you are caught off guard by an unexpected busy night, simply register more

bills and you have more “cash” on hand.


Credit card tabs can be problematic for both the customer and the club. From the club perspective, the

customer may go over the “hold” amount on their card, and the actual purchase total may not clear. For

customers, tabs are vulnerable to getting run up, they may accuse the club of adding drinks they didn’t

purchase, or customers may forget their card.

With Cabaret Cash, customers can purchase Cabaret Cash instead of leaving open tabs. This is safer

for your business as the credit card is clearing the actual purchase amount instead of the “hold” amount.

Customers retain control of their credit card, so there is no room for fraud accusations.


With cash, you have limited traceability. You don’t know who is spending money where, or how much

cash is being hidden.

With Cabaret Cash, you can track as little or as much as you want. When you sell a bill or packet of bills

to a customer, every serial number is logged to that customer. When the bills are surrendered, every

serial number is recorded to the surrender transaction, so you can see the life-cycle of the bill from

beginning to end. You can also lookup individual transactions and view transaction information by


The Cabaret Cash Terminal also has a variety of reporting features. You can see exactly where

customers spent their money, what your dancers earned, how much Cabaret Cash is in circulation, and



Since crew members must surrender their Cabaret Cash to “cash out”, the Cabaret Cash Terminal logs

all “cash” earnings by each crew member (dancer, waitress, bar tender, etc). This gives a paper trail,

making tax reporting easier and more accurate.